Smarty (30 capsules)

It supports the health of the mother and fetus, enhances neurological, cognitive, and psychological functions, and strengthens the sense of sight and heart health.

    Smarty (30 capsules) is a nutritional supplement that contains omega-3, which supports the body’s functions, especially mental, nervous, and heart functions, so that you can live as you wish with a healthy heart. It maintains heart health, combats anxiety and stress, improves mood, supports mental abilities, and develops growth and functions. Cognitive and cognition for children and adults. It also enhances immunity and gives you clear, radiant skin and attractive hair. It also supports the health of the mother and the fetus, protects the mother from the risks of premature birth, preeclampsia, low fetal weight, and pregnancy depression, and supports the health of the fetus and its system. Nervous, visual, and circulatory systems, and strengthens heart health.


    • Essential for the development of the brain and central nervous system.
    • Controlling children’s motor activity, reducing symptoms of ADHA, and aiding sleep and social development.
    • Increases immunity against common respiratory infections.
    • Important for normal eye function and clear vision. Give toddlers and schoolchildren strong immunity against common respiratory infections in nurseries and schools.
    • Helps the body maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus, two minerals essential to building bone mass. helps in the treatment of hyperlipidemia and improves numerous heart disease risk factors.
    • Has multiple benefits for pregnant women.
    • Can alleviate menstrual pain.
    • Support brain health, treat depression and anxiety, and prevent age-related mental decline and Alzheimer`s diseases.
    • Helps keep skin cells healthy, preventing premature aging and more, and protects the skin from sun damage.
    • Improves bone and joint health, reduces joint pain, and increases grip strength.

    Active ingredients:

    Fish oil ,

    DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid),

    EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid)


    One capsule per day or as directed by the physician.


    A Box contains 30 capsules

    Made in Spain